Services We Provide

Cake Design

We guarantee the quality and freshness of the ingredients in every single cake, with a homemade delicate touch.

House Specials

Typical cake, Bee sting cake, Orange with frosting filled with blancmange, Peach or lemon meringue, Soaked Cake in liquor, cake soaked in liquor, Three milks cake, Coffee cake, Fruit cake, Plum pie, Chicken pie, Alfajores


Orange, Poppy seeds, Coffee, Chocolate mint, Coconut, Almond*, Almond and raisins*, Walnut and cherry* Strawberry*

*Seasonal specialties


We carry invitations and details for all occasions, all of them are handmade allowing a delicate and cozy finish.

Event Planner Service

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Sweet Origins

A sweet blessing, born in the city of Retalhuleu, Guatemala, dating back four generations as a natural art that God gifted us with. We are thankful to God for who we are and all that we will accomplish. His is the glory, honour and the honor of everything that occur in our lives.



Wedding Planner